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Next week is Thanksgiving and I am hosting it at my house this year.  I've been battling a cold all week and hopefully it'll be gone by the holiday but I'm going to make sure I clean my house really well so no one else catches what I've been dealing with.  This weekend is I will be doing my Clorox® Holiday home prep!

Clorox® wipes are my go to product when I am trying to disinfect my home.  They are easy to use to wipe down all door handles, the phones, remotes, light switches and counter tops.  I love how they can be used on just about any surface.

Then aren't only good for killing germs, but they are also good for messes that come along with hosting the holidays at your house.  How many times do you find yourself wiping down your counter when cooking a big dinner.   I'm constantly spilling things when transferring from the pan to the plate so if you are with me, keep some Clorox® wipes handy to clean those spills up quickly!

We will have about 17 people here so my bathroom may need a little touching up during the festivities.  I'll be sure to have a bottle of Clorox® wipes under the bathroom sink for quick cleanups during the holiday.

If you need to stock up on Clorox® cleaning products, you can stop by your local Dollar General store because they have them there and at a great price!  With all the money you are spending on dinner, saving on cleaning products is a must and the prices at Dollar General can not be beat.

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