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This past weekend I spent it away with my best friend.  We meet half way between our homes since we live about 2 + hours away from each other and just spend the weekend catching up and hanging out.  It’s a relaxing weekend that helps us recharge.   We’ve been friends since 1991 and she is the only person that knows me as well as my husband does.  We have a lot of history together and are at a point in our friendship that we could never actually fight over anything.  We may not always agree but we have an understanding to just push things aside and just be there for each other.  I never imagined having a friendship like this with anyone other than my husband.  I’m so grateful for her and tell her that all the time.

We share a lot of things in common but we especially share our love for coffee.  When we have our weekends together,  I always bring my Keurig with me and a few boxes of K-cups.  Cross Country Cafe keeps me pretty stocked with K-cups so I had a bunch to share with her over the weekend – especially her favorite Golden French Toast!

She first told me about it last year and my original thought was wouldn’t that be super sweet?  But she insisted it was not and told me I had to try it.  Since it’s not available all the time I took her advice before it was too late.  And she was totally right, it’s not super sweet however it totally made me feel like I was indulging in something sinful, but I wasn’t!

About Golden French Toast K-Cups

Green Mountain Fair Trade Golden French Toast K-Cups give you breakfast in a cup! Made with light roasted 100% Arabica beans steeped in the flavors of buttered French toast sprinkled with cinnamon and spread with maple syrup. A delightful Limited Edition Seasonal treat.

If you’ve been having a hard time finding the Golden French Toast K-Cups I’m happy to tell you that you can get them at Cross Country Cafe but hurry because they are limited edition and won’t be around forever!