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Green Mountain Fair Trade Wild Mountain Blueberry K-Cup Sale Cross Country Cafe

Cross Country Cafe is my new favorite K-Cup store and every Wednesday they have a Wacky Wednesday Sale.  This week it happens to be for the very popular Wild Blueberry!  Right now you can grab the Green Mountain Fair Trade Wild Mountain Blueberry K-Cups for $10.99 a box.  These boxes have 24 K-cups, not the 12 or 18 that you find in the grocery stores.  So you are only paying $.45 a K-Cup.  Much cheaper than a coffee at your favorite coffee shop!

Shipping Discount

And when you Buy four boxes you’ll get them all shipped for $4 – that’s half off the regular price of $8!!  That comes out to only $1 per box.   And since this is a flat rate shipping, the more you order the more they save!   BUT if you order 12 boxes or more shipping is FREE!

To get this shipping discount, use coupon code BFGHOS912 at checkout.  This shipping offer ends Tues 9/18/12.

At first, people thought we were crazy. Blueberry coffee? Then they tasted it … and soon the coffee department was abuzz with word that we’d hit on The Next Big Thing.    For some, it’s the aroma … juicy, sweet and oh-so-slightly buttery. For others, it’s the flavor … sun-kissed wild blueberries with just a hint of caramel sweetness.

Our flavored coffees are free of calories and carbs, and have no additional nutritional impact. We add no sugars or sweeteners of any kind. So while our flavors may taste indulgent, they’re absolutely guilt-free.  
This product is certified kosher by the Orthodox Union.

Grab yours now before they sell out!