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Ever since I had my babies, I suffer from Heartburn.  It's not fun at all.  I can't go to bed on a full stomach unless I take something.  Not that I make a habit of doing that but if I do I'm in big trouble.  And it seems whenever I travel I suffer even more, probably becuase I tend to enjoy myself more when traveling, which means I eat more and sometimes have a few extra glasses of wine!

Of course medicines that treat heartburn can burn a whole in your wallet, especially if you run out last minute and need something now.  There is no waiting for a sale or a coupon at that point.  In my opinion if you know you are going to need something, plan ahead and grab them when they are at a good price and hopefully when you have a coupon.

Or consider an alternative to the national brands.  Omeprazole is available exclusively at Walmart and like most other products, it's priced below the natiinal brands.  You can get Omeprazole for 25% less than Prilosec OTC at Walmart!  That's a really nice savings considering the price points of these meds. 

Because I have to take this on a regular basis, the money I'd save by purchasing the Omeprazole for 24% less than Prilosec OTC, I could put in the bank towards a family vacation!  I'm sure my family would appreciate that.

Is it as affective?  Omeprazole meets or exceeds FDA quality standards and treats the same frequent heartburn symptoms as Prilosec OTC, only at a price savings of over 25% less per tablet vs. Prilosec OTC®. 

Sounds like it works to me?  Have you tried this yet?  If so I'd love to hear your thoughts on it!

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