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Banff is one of the most popular destinations for tourists in Canada. Located in the mountainous area of Alberta, the outdoor attractions are varied and exciting, but what type of transportation do they have? How do the locals get around? There are two main modes of transportation that the locals use, and the following is a description of each of them.

Here’s How You Can Travel Like the Locals Do in Banff Canada

Using a car or truck

Of course, this is an important part of transportation in Banff, as is the case all over North America. However, if you are on vacation, there are a few things to consider. If you arrive by car, obviously you can use your vehicle while you stay in Banff, but if you are flying into nearby Calgary, you may want to rent a car here in Banff. There are several car rental agencies in town near the major hotels. Although you can rent a car at the airport in Calgary, there are buses that will take you to Baff from the airport. It is easier to rent a car once you arrive in town. Locals, however, have an important alternative to cars.

Use the local bus service

Known to locals as Roam, this public transit service operates four routes. One of these routes operates in the local area of town, while the other three are regional bus routes, and they will take you anywhere you want to go for recreation. The three regional routes will take you south all the way to the most popular resort locations. Route 4 will take you south to the Cave and Basin District. Route 1 to the Sulphur Mountain District, and route 2 to the Tunnel Mountain District.

Save money using the bus service

The fares are reasonable and will save you money compared to renting a car. The local fare is only $2, but only $1 for a senior. Naturally, the regional fares are more because of the longer distances. The bus fares for these routes are $6 and half price for seniors. Children five and under are always free.

Transportation and your hotel location

What type of transportation you decide on will partly have to do with where you stay and what activities you plan on doing. Some of the hotels in Banff are located in the resort areas, so if you plan on staying at one of these lodges and not venturing away from it, you will not need much in the way of transportation, but you will not see everything Banff has to offer. One alternative is to consider staying at one of the Banff hotels located in town. Mount Royal is one example of a hotel located here. From this location, you can take the bus and explore the entire area of Banff, including all of the resort locations to the south.

It is best to think about how to get around Baff after you first decide on what you plan to do during your stay. Of course, the activities you plan will also influence where you decide to stay in the area. You can use a travel comparison website to find the best hotel for your needs as well as price. You can also shop for car rentals and airfare if you decide to fly. is an example of a travel site that can provide you with comparison shopping for your travel plans to Banff.