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Some of the most hard to buy for people are the men in my life.  Between my husband, my father and my father in law, I am usually at a lose when it comes to what to buy them.    I try to find something they want or can use but it's pretty hard to do most years.

Neither of our father's are into electronics and my husband buys the electronics that he wants, when he wants it so those are always out.   But one thing they all use and I know they don't buy for themselves is an electric razor.   So I think any of the  Remington 4 Series Electric Shavers would be good for all three of them.

There are two razors that Reminton has that would make good holiday gifts and they are both cordless…

The Remington 4 Series Rotary Shaver with Pivot & Flex Technology features 360° Pivot & Flex technology.  It's also a cordless rechargeable rotary shaver that has three individual flexing heads and a freely pivoting 360° neck for a cleaner, more comfortable shave – even on the neck!  And a big plus is that it’s completely washable for quick and easy daily cleaning.  I would have to be quick and easy for my husband to do it himself!

The Remington 4 Series Foil Shaver with Interceptor Shaving Technology delivers the close, clean and reliable shave expected of a Remington with an unbeatable value. It features advanced Pivot & Flex Technology which means the shaver's two independently flexing foil screens and pivoting neck adjust to the curves of your chin, cheeks and neck to relieve pressure and irritation while maximizing closeness. Interceptor Shaving Technology cuts up to three days worth of growth with ease.   That's  a really nice feature which I know my husband would enjoy.

Either of these razors would make a great holiday gift.  My husband currently has a Remington Razor and he's actually had it for a while so they really are good razors and last a while.  He's happy with the preformace of them though it's not as good as either of these.  I may just get him a new one this year.  He's always happy to get a razor as it's something he needs and uses everyday.

Would you buy one of these Remington 4 Series Electric Shavers for a holiday gift? 

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