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If you own a home then you’ve made a few trips to Home Depot over the years.  These trips add up and sometimes you can’t avoid it.  You can get special offers, coupons, savings, and other exclusive offers from Home Depot through their newsletters.  Choose the one you want below:

* PRO: Exclusive offers and content just for Pros.
* Promotions: Unadvertised and online only specials, innovative product updates and store promotions.
* Home Improver Club: Monthly newsletter with New Lower Price product alerts, exclusive savings, and projects and workshops for your local area.
* Local Ad: Emails when my local store ad is available online.
* Join the Garden Club: Newsletter emails featuring exclusive offers and timely gardening advice.
* Do-It-Herself Workshops: Where women learn hands-on home improvement skills in a comfortable group environment.
* The Home Depot Racing Newsletter: Stay up to date with the latest The Home Depot Racing news, events and activities.

They are all free and you can opt out at anytime if you don’t want to receive them anymore.