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I like to shop online because it’s extremely convenient to be able to shop whenever I have a moment.  I’ve also found that at times I can actually save more by shopping online then to shop at the store.  You can almost always find a deal when shopping online.  It just takes a little bit of time.

Last Christmas I bought the majority of my gifts online from Amazon.  I couldn’t believe the great deals I found with all the Amazon discounts they were offering.  Everyday it was a better deal then the day before.  And the best part was most shipping is free when you spend more than $25.  It did take me a bit of time searching for the deals each day but it was well worth it.  I spent half of what I was planning to spend on gifts for my children!!

Christmas isn’t the only time I look for online deals.  If we need to buy a big item, once we decide what we want I then check online to see if I can find any deals not going on in the store.

Earlier in the year we were looking to buy a new TV and once we saved up enough money, I gave my husband the OK to start shopping around.  He finally found one at Best Buy that was exactly what he wanted and within the price range we wanted to spend.  He then gave me the model number.  I do all the online purchasing. And then the searching began.

First I checked other stores to see if we could get a better deal elsewhere, but there was nothing.  Then I did a search for Best Buy coupon codes and was unable to find any.  It was going to be the same price either online or in the store.  Then I noticed that they were offering FREE delivery & set up so I decided to go with that and save us some time and gas.

It was nice to have them hook it all up and they even showed me how to use different functions on the TV.  And it was all FREE!

I don’t always find a better deal online though.  My best friend is having her second baby.  It’s been 5 years since she had her son and they’ve since gotten rid of everything baby.  This time around they know they don’t need everything they had last time but there are some things they can’t live without.  She picked out a swing she wanted and I decided I would buy it for her.  A few weeks ago it went on sale at Target.  It was $10 off which was a GREAT deal.

I don’t have a local Target so I was hoping to just buy it online but the shipping was crazy and I refuse to pay too much on shipping.  Actually, I try my best NOT to pay for shipping, if I can.  Even if I added a few things to my order the shipping was not going to be free.  Needless to say I didn’t buy it online.  It was worth saving the $10 to go to the store and that’s exactly what I did.  And they only had 1 left so I got lucky.

Do you shop online?  If so do you always look for a deal or do you see the convience of shopping in your pajamas a ‘deal’ enough?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.