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Traveling on a budget isn’t easy. In spite of how difficult it can be it’s still something that is done by young people the world over on a daily basis; backpacking and exploring is a rite of passage in many cultures and societies.

If you are somebody who’s determined to see the world but doesn’t have much you shouldn’t let budgetary constraints hold you back. You can still travel just as widely and freely as the next person even on a budget. This post will tell you exactly how you can do that:

Efficient Packing

A very effective way of saving yourself money on vacation is packing your suitcase efficiently. Anybody who has ever been abroad before will know that buying toiletries, underwear, and other essentials in foreign countries can be expensive and confusing. According to the experts from, you can pick up some great luggage sets for next to nothing. Packing efficiently from the start will mean that after arriving at your chosen holiday destination you do not have to then go out and buy anything. Not needing to buy anything will mean that you are able to save money which you can then use for more important things like buying souvenirs or eating out in restaurants; if you are unsure what to pack read a few travel guides before boarding your flight or cruise.

Booking Early

Another highly effective way of saving money is by booking your hotel room and flight tickets as early as you possibly can. Booking several months in advance can save you a fortune. Airlines and hotels offer early bird discounts. By booking in advance you also guarantee a place. If you leave booking hotel rooms until the last minute there is no guarantee that you are going to be able to get a room in your chosen hotel. The same is also true if you leave booking flights until the last minute. Booking early ensures you save money and that you get a place.

Private Accommodation

Private accommodation is something that’s worth considering if you are traveling on a budget. Unless you are familiar with the Airbnb group then you may not have known that you can actually stay in people’s private residences when you are away on vacation. These kinds of services save you a fortune on accommodation costs. The average Airbnb room is significantly cheaper than hotel rooms of equal quality. You can also find room-sharing services online where people will rent spare bedrooms out to travelers. Staying privately can save you a fortune but you then do not get the benefit of eating in hotel buffets.


In terms of getting around the country that you have traveled to, consider going hitchhiking. Hitchhiking is one of the most popular methods of getting around among backpackers and regular travelers. It should be noted that hitchhiking can be dangerous if you do not exercise caution. Do not get into the vehicle of anybody that seems strange. If you do get into such a person’s vehicle and notice they are behaving oddly get out as quickly as you can. Hitchhiking is only as safe as hitchhikers make it. In developed countries, however, it is quite safe and is not something you need to worry about.

Using Public Transport

Public transport is a good way of getting around as well. It’s of course not as cheap as hitchhiking which in most cases is free but it is still a great way of saving money; using public transport means you don’t have to pay rental car costs and you get to travel with the locals. Traveling alongside locals can be an effective way of learning more about a place. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that they can experience somewhere just by walking around but this isn’t true—you need to get to know the locals and live how they live to get a feel for somewhere.

Learning Local Language

When you are traveling in a foreign country it is always worth learning the local language. When you know the local language you can haggle more effectively and save yourself money; a lot of travelers make the mistake of not learning the languages of the places in which they are traveling. Having a cavalier attitude to language and traveling never goes well. Such individuals usually find themselves in awkward situations, unable to explain themselves. If you are on a budget then learning the local language is good because you can then explain this to people.

You can travel on a budget, you just have to be more thoughtful and considerate. Decisions have to be made with finances in mind. Until you have given serious thought to your financial situation you won’t ever be able to travel comfortably. Create a budget for traveling that is realistic and does not exceed it.