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I asked my readers on Facebook to submit their coupon questions and I will answer them one by one.  This will help those of you struggling and hopefully help those of you just starting out.  I’m always here to answer questions and I’ll help in any way that I can!


Where do you find your coupons?  We do not get the same ones that you do.


I believe what she is asking about is the coupons that come in the Sunday inserts. I try my best to show you a variety of coupons available since I know not everyone gets the same coupons, but sometimes the best deal is with the coupon you don’t have.  

And why don’t you have that coupon??

Coupons are regional, which means that depending on what region you live in within the US, you’ll get a different value coupon. The reason for this is that prices also vary in stores from region to region. The cost of living is not the same across the US so the prices in stores will adjust according to this (OK I know it’s probably not a very fair adjustment!) and so will the values of the coupons.

I may get a coupon for $1.00 off 2 boxes of cereal here on the East Coast, but you may get $.75 of 2 boxes of the same cereal or even $.50 off one box. My stores doubles coupons so the $.50 off one coupon is actually a better value for me than the $1.00 off 2 boxes because once it doubles it’s really $1.00 off one.   But I don’t get that coupon probably because of how they double coupons here.   Your store may not double coupons therefore the $.50 coupon is only $.50 for you.

There really isn’t much we can do about this except try and get the coupons from other parts of the US.  You can find coupons on coupon clipping websites where you pay for the service of finding, clipping and sorting the coupons – since coupons can not be sold – but if you do this you have to take into consideration how much you are spending for this service and how much you are saving.  With the time involved, your time may be better spent just using the coupon you have.  You have to figure that out beforehand.

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