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Not sure if any of you noticed but I wasn’t around last week.  Well I wasn’t in Rhode Island at least.  I was on vacation with my family and we took the girls to Disney World for the first time.  I had limited internet access because it’s NOT FREE in Disney.  Isn’t that sad!!!  I did have a bunch of things scheduled to post so the blog kept moving along for everyone.

We had a GREAT time but it was much hotter there then I expected!  We’ve been before in October and I don’t remember it being quite as hot but maybe when you have kids with you and your pushing them around and picking them up a lot, you notice the heat more.  But we still had a wonderful time and the girls loved meeting all the princesses.

I’m slowly getting myself out of vacation mode but it’s not happening very fast so bare with me while I go through emails and gather all the good stuff for you that has been happening the past 7 days.  Oh and getting the laundry done too.

Something funny happened I have to share.  We flew out of Hartford CT and my inlaws, who were traveling with us, live near there so the day before we left we drove there and spent the day with them.  I brought my coupons that needed to be sorted and my coupon binder with all my store cards with me for something to do while the girls played with nana.  Before we left for our trip I tossed my keys into the bag and left it at their house.   I completely forgot about it until we got home yesterday and I was looking for my car keys and then I realized that I left the bag there with not only my keys but ALL MY COUPONS!!  My husband laughed at me because I wasn’t sure what I missed the most, my car and house keys or my coupons.  So I won’t be doing too much shopping this week, thankfully there’s not much I need, but I don’t have my coupons and I don’t like shopping with out them.  Hopefully I will get them by Monday.  They live an hour and half away from us so I have to figure out when this will happen.  Oh and I guess I’d like to get my keys back too. LOL