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lalaloopsy babies

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I remember the Christmas that the first Lalaloopsy dolls hit the stores.  Some people thought they were odd (my mother in law!) and kids LOVED them (my kids).  I thought they were adorable and I loved that they had stories to go along with them, they weren’t just a doll.  Then before we knew it they added all sorts of hair to the dolls, made them into littles and then even minis!  Well once again, there is a new addition to the Lalaloopsy family.  The magical world of Lalaloopsy™ just got bigger, with the introduction of Lalaloopsy Babies™!

Each doll comes with a bottle, pacifier and a hat that matches her colorful personality. The Lalaloopsy Babies™ also have a character-specific pattern printed on their soft, huggable bodies. To add to the fun, each doll has a unique sewn-on date on her bottom, as well as a “sew” cute belly “button.”

Meet the Lalaloopsy Babies™ Family:

  • Baby Crumbs Sugar Cookie™ – Baby Crumbs Sugar Cookie™ is super sweet; she loves fresh cookies when it’s time to eat. She’s always happy and she’s never sad, and if you give her a treat she’ll be oh so glad.
  • Baby Pillow Featherbed™ – Baby Pillow Featherbed™ loves to sleep; she’ll nap all day without making a peep. Although she’s quiet she sometimes snores, so make sure to tip-toe across the floor.
  • Baby Jewel Sparkles™ – Baby Jewel Sparkles™ is a princess at heart, wearing something shiny, that’s how every day tarts. She’s the most royal baby you’ll ever meet, but she’ll burst into giggles if you tickle her feet.
  • Baby Mittens Fluff ‘N’ Stuff™ – Baby Mittens Fluff ‘N’ Stuff™ loves cold and snow. Her favorite warm drink is hot cocoa. When it’s cold outside and her cheeks get red, she’ll stay indoors and snuggle in her bed.

Lalaloopsy Babies™ have arrived at select retailers including Walmart, Costco and Toys ‘R’ Us and cost about $19.99 each.  Such a cute gift for your little one and a GREAT price point!

We received Crumbs Sugar Cookie for our review and I was super excited when she arrived.

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She is super soft and cuddly and the fabric and colors are amazing, just what I’d expect for a Lalaloopsy Baby.  My little one is going to love her.  She comes with a bottle and a pacifier so she’s all set to be cuddled and loved.  Can’t wait to introduce her to my daughter!

I have a friend who’s son loves the Lalaloopy dolls because to him they are his babies.  He wants a baby sister and since they are not having another baby, he calls them his babies.  It’s adorable how much he loves them and when I heard about these I immediately told his mother because I knew he’d have to have one.   And of course, he’s getting one for Christmas.  He’ll be so happy to have his new baby.

These are adorable and will probably sell out fast with Christmas coming so hurry and grab yours to add to your collection.

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