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Watching TV is my time to unwind at the end of the day. Let’s face it, there are a LOT of good shows on TV.  At least I think so, but it’s impossible to watch them all because my busy life doesn’t allow me to always sit down whenever I want, or perhaps I just can’t get the TV to myself.  So being able to record a show for later viewing is a Wonderful concept to me!

This is where TiVo Premiere comes in VERY handy!  You can record shows and then watch them whenever you want!   But what makes this better than a DVR from the cable company?  Well not only can you record shows but you can also stream movies from Netflix and Amazon On Demand without having to have another box in your entertainment center. It’s all included!

Do you know someone who would love this for Christmas? If you do, right now you can snag a really good deal.  For only $99 you can get TiVo Premiere!!  You will need to sign up for a 1-year service plan of just $19.99 a month but it’s their best offer ever! Just visit Best Buy to take advantage of this incredible offer.

Do you already have TiVo Premiere?  If you so how do you like it??

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