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 car connection

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My girls are still a ways away from driving but I can’t imagine what I’m going to do when the day comes that they are behind the wheel.  Just thinking about it gives me anxiety!   But the day will come and however hard it will be for me to let them go, I have to know that all the teaching I’ve done, is going to pay off.  That’s what my mother said she did when I started driving.  Oh and she followed me around a lot!

Audiovox has a unique device for parents concerned over teen drivers or even those concerned about older drivers.  It’s possible that the same time our kids start driving, our parents me be having trouble and should stop driving.  We’ll be working about them too!

Car Connection from Audiovox is a a plug-in OBDII telematics device that allows you to also monitor, manage and maintain the health of your vehicle. It’s the perfect to tool to ensure your vehicle is ready for travel and fun.  Whether you’re road-tripping down the coast or happen to lose your car in the parking lot after a baseball game, Car Connection is a must for all drivers – young and old.

About Car Connection:

  • Car Connection by Audiovox is simple, do it yourself telematics device that enables you to monitor, manage and maintain vehicle performance under the hood and behind the wheel
  • It is a small module that fits in the palm of your hand and plugs in under the dash in the OBDII port available on all cars post 1996
  • Car Connection tracks your vehicle, provides vehicle maintenance alerts and monitors your driving habits. It also creates a driver score that can be used to coach young drivers
  • Car Connection requires no installation and sends alerts directly to your email or cell phone via text message
  • Car Connection allows you to:
    • Control the driver’s cell phone use through software that prevents the ability to text while driving  (with any Android or Blackberry Phone)
    • Track a vehicle from a laptop, smart phone or tablet and with the Lot Spot feature Car Connection will provide walking directions/navigation back to your car in case you forgot where you parked
    • Receive an alert if the driver enters or exits a pre-set safety zone
    • Receive vehicle safety and maintenance alerts to identify recommended repairs before heading to the mechanic

This is such a cool device and super easy to install.  It’s very small that once it’s in place, no one will even know it’s there.   So if you need to monitor and older person, they won’t even know.  Now I know that sounds sneaky but really you are just being a concerned child or friend.  I know how thick headed older parent can get.

My favorite part besides it being so small and unnoticeable is that it will send you alerts via email or text message.  And it comes in handy with the teen or new driver because we all know the temptation will be there to talk on the cell phone or worse, text while driving!  Well with Car Connection you can prevent texting on any android or blackberry.    I absolutely LOVE that feature.  We tried it out and it really works.  This will come in very handy when my kids drive.  However, by then we may be past texting and onto something else.

And for someone who isn’t so much concerned about an unsafe driver, but more the maitenance of their vehicle, Car Connection will keep you up to date on your cars safty and maintenance alerts and even recommend repairs beforehand.  So it could help you avoid something worse in the future.

Car Connection is available at Sears for $169.99 with a required monthly or annual service plan.  If you’d like more information check the website

Disclosure: I received a Free product for review. My opinions are 100% mine.