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My Ultimate Family Vacation would be a Disney Cruise!  I’ve never been on a Cruise, nor has my husband so this would be something we could experience together for the first time.  Our girls are little and we took them to Disney last year and they loved it!  Actually we did too.  It was very different seeing it through the eyes of our children.  We hope to take them back again.

Shortly after we came back we saw a behind the scenes look of the Disney Cruise on TV.   I had no idea that there was so much to do on the Disney Cruise!  And not just for the kids, but for the adults too.  I told  my husband I’d love to take the girls on there some day and he agreed we would all have a great time.

Since this would be our Ultimate Family Vacation I’d love to bring along  my parents and also my husbands parents so they could enjoy the time with our girls as well.  I know they would love it too.  And if they wanted to get away from all the craziness of kids, which I’m sure there are lots of kids on this cruise, they can go to the adults area for peace and quiet.   But then again, their grandparents enjoy them so much, they probably wouldn’t want to leave their sides!

I just think that it would be so much fun for all of us and we’d be staying pretty much in one place for the entire vacation.  I say one place, I do realize that a cruise ship is HUGE so maybe it’s not really like we are staying in one place.  I’ve never been on one so I have no idea.

Where would you go for an Ultimate Family Vacation?  I’d love to hear so please leave me a comment and share!

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