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I want a Wii and I’m working in convincing my husband that we would all have fun with it. He’s a computer game guy so it’s hard for him to shift from that mode.  Not that there is anything wrong with computer games, but the Wii would be something we can all do together, not to mention it would get us off our butts too!

Walmart currently has a great deal – the Nintendo Wii Value Bundle!!  You will save $30 with this bundle package but it’s only avaialbe online, not in stores.  Here is what you get in the package:

  • Nintendo Wii Console w/ Wii Sports Game
  • Wii Nunchuk Controller
  • Dreamgear 3-In-1 Player’s Sport Kit (Wii)
  • Choose 1 of these controllers: Wii Remote Controller or Wii Play with BONUS Remote Wii (+$10.00)
  • Then choose 1 game from a list of 41. Lots of options!!!

If you’d like you can then add on a few things for an extra charge but still cheaper than buying them seperately.

I think this is a nice bundle package.  If you purchase all of this separately you’d spend about $300 but you can get this bundle for only $269.