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Some of you have already started school, while others are getting ready.  We are in the “getting ready” phase because school is this week.  I start shopping in August when the sales begin.  I don’t like to wait until the last-minute to get everything. I’ll do anything to avoid extra stress at this time of the year.

Getting back into a routine can be tough.  Below you’ll find some great ways to organize back to school morning routines.  If you have 2 or 5 kids, getting up and out the door can be a struggle for any parent.  These tips will help make your morning back to school routine easier for everyone.

5 Easy Steps To Organize Your Back To School Morning Routines

Have kids pick out clothes for each day in advance.  For most kids, you can sit down on Sunday night and pick out an outfit for every day of the week. Simply designate a place for these outfits so your child can grab a stack each day to get ready.  Include everything from their underwear and socks to the hair bow or belt.  If this is already picked out, you’ll save time in the mornings deciding what to wear.

Prepare simple breakfasts ahead of time.  We like making large batches of pancakes, waffles, breakfast burritos and breakfast sandwiches ahead of time.  Wrap appropriately and freeze.  All you have to do is grab and reheat in the microwave or toaster each morning.  This saves time for you, and gives your kids easy options for on the go if your running behind.

Have a designated area for lunch boxes and backpacks.  A lot of people use cubby storage units or hooks at the door for these items.  Keeping the routine the same will save those minutes of searching through the house for lost lunch box early in the morning.  Help kids get into the routine of placing these items where they go as soon as they get home. Then you’ll avoid scrambling at the last-minute in the morning.

Prepare lunch box items in advance.  Many families have found it much easier to manage packing lunches when they plan ahead.  Using bins that include easy to grab snacks and drinks are helpful.  Separate snacks that are perishable and designate a drawer or shelf in the refrigerator.  Bag things like crackers, pretzels, trail mix and nuts to go into bins in the pantry.  Make it easy for your kids to pick one item from each bin and build a lunch that is healthy, satisfying and simple.

Skip morning chores.  Many families have chores each child does on a daily basis.  This is a great and highly effective way of handling things around the house.  But it can create time issues if those chores happen in the morning.  Other than the must do items like feeding pets or brushing teeth, avoid the morning chores.  Create a chore schedule for after school instead.

These great methods to organize back to school morning routines are going to streamline your life this fall.  From getting kids out the door with everything they need, to allowing yourself a little more flex time should you need it these tips are right on the money.