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Carole P. Roman

My girls love to read and they learn so much through reading.  I think books are a great way for lessons to be taught because sometimes the books can explain things much better than mommy can.  And of course, mommy has no idea what she's talking about,  right?  So when we find a book that is not only fun to read and playful, but also that teaches a lesson, then I like to share it.   That's where Pepper Parrot's Problem with Patience: A Captain No Beard Story comes in!  This is a fun book that has wonderful examples that your children can learn from, through reading the story.

This book is written by Carole P. Roman who lives in Long Island with her husband.  She has two sons and many grandchildren.  She's a former teacher turned business women so I'm sure with both those backgrounds, she has a lot of experience in teaching people, old and young.

In her book, Captain No Beard has a crew of animals on the Flying Dragon pirate ship (what a fun name!) including Pepper Parrot, who becomes frustrated one day.  She can't tell her right from her left and this causes her a lot of anxiety.  Doesn't this sound familiar?  I remember when my girls were first learning their left from right.  It can be very frustrating and unless I had patience with them, they would become frustrated.  This is true for so many things!

OK, back to the book!  So one day, the ship's first mate Hallie offers to help Pepper with her problem and patiently tries to teach her.  Hallie knows that once Pepper learns, then she'll have more self esteem to conquer other things.  Isn't that really how it works?  The more obstacles we can overcome, the more self esteem we have for future issues!

This book is a great example of team work and teaches children to work together, and have patience with themselves and each other.  I love that message as it's important through-out life, not just when we are kids.

If you have small children this book would be great for them along with the first volume of the series, Captain No Beard.  You can find it on Amazon and where books are sold!

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