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Product Name:  Polly Pocket Hangout House Play set and Stick N Play Room Assortment

Product Information:  Why go out when it can be just as much fun to hang out at home? Polly doll’s house delivers a guaranteed adventure with addicting Stick ‘n’ Play set-up play. Every piece in this play set incorporates a suction cup to allow for true ease of play. The furniture can be rearranged in funny new ways, to really turn things upside down. This house is filled with secrets and surprises, like transforming walls that reveal day-to-night transformation or different room settings. Take the pink elevator to the third floor that transforms from a bedroom to a rooftop pool. All of Polly doll’s friends will want to stick around.

My Thoughts:  My daughter’s love playing with Polly Pocket so I was excited to receive this new Play set because it was a remake of what they currently have.  The ones we already have you can put ‘rubber’ type clothes on them, and they are somewhat small.  We actually have a few that have missing pieces because they came apart after lots of play.  So I was looking forward to seeing if these were any different.   I didn’t know much about the new sets until  I received them.

Let me start of by say they are currently my favorite little play sets for so many reasons.  First of all the little pieces all have suction cups so they actually stay in place!  This is huge because if you’ve ever played with a little figure play set before, you know that the people and the furniture don’t stand up very well, or very long.  My girls would have the entire thing all set up and then one of them would bump it and everything would fall down.  Next thing you know they don’t want to play anymore because all their time is spent picking up the set and putting it back together.   That is so not the case with this play set with the little suction cups.  Things stay in place and I wasn’t the only one who loved that, my girls did too!

Because of the suction cups, that also meant that they could carry the set from one room to another without everything tipping over.  Definitely made it much more portable than any other play set they have.

I also loved the larger size of the dolls.  I liked the look and feel of them but I think they were actually easier for my kids to use as well.  Definitely another good plus to this new set.

The idea of making stick n play rooms that attach to the hangout house was also brilliant!  This way the kids can not only add to the original set, but they can change it around whenever they play with it.  Of course this also caused some issues with my girls because one wanted the room on one side and the other wanted it somewhere else.  We will be adding to this set for sure because they really enjoyed it and I really like it too.

We will also add it to the list of birthday gifts for when the girls are invited to friends parties as I think it’ll make a great gift and it’s at a pretty good price point as well.  The hangout house sells for about $19.99 and the stick n play sets go for about $11.99 each.  Not a bad price!

Disclosure: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Mattel Polly Pocket. I received a product samples and a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.  My opinions are 100% mine.