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Practical ways to save thousands in Ireland with small changes

Ireland is a beautiful country to work and live in. From the world-famous Irish pubs to beautiful natural landscapes, there are tons of things to do in Ireland.

All of these adds up to your entertainment expenses. Cutting down on the cost of living expenses is an important measure you need to take while living in Ireland. It will help you to increase the disposable income which comes handily in case of necessity.

It may look difficult to identify the areas from where you can cut down the expenses. We are here to guide you with some proven tips. We will also let you know how to save thousands of money in Ireland with just a few small changes. This will also not impact your family’s happiness.

Let’s explore them one by one…

6 proven tips to save thousands in Ireland with just a few small changes

  • Find affordable insurance cover.

Moreover, there are unavoidable expenses that are essential like life insurance, health insurance, car insurance, home insurance, and travel insurance premium. These are an investment instead of expenses because it covers you for any financial losses soon.

But it doesn’t mean that you can’t control or save money on such insurance premiums. E.g. if your car insurance is due for renewal, then you should check quotes of various Ireland car insurance company and select the one who saves some money.

The other thing you can do is to have your different insurance from one company. E.g. AA Ireland insurance offers all types of insurance cover at one place, and you will get a good discount if you buy more than one kind of protection. It is a quick and easy way to save on your Insurance premium.

  • Save on House Tax.

Tax is a mandatory part of your yearly expenses. There is a proven tip for people living in Ireland to save big on House Tax. If you are a house owner or planning to lease your entire property you have a chance to save on house tax. Your rental income can help you to save around €14,000 per year. This applies to people on the 20% tax band and is a big way to save on tax for people living in Ireland.

  • Maintain a Money Diary.

A money diary will act like your expense manager. You can start writing down every single expense you incur daily. This will help you to identify the mandatory expenses and the ones you can try and avoid. Once you start analyzing your expenses, you can easily save thousands over a while with just a few small changes.

  • Consolidate all small debts together.

If you have too many small loans or credit card debts, you are paying more interest on the loan amounts. The best way to save on loan interests is to consolidate your loans together into one. This small change will help you to save thousands over a while.

  • Save on Electricity.

It is a common habit to leave the TV or any other appliances you are using on standby. You might not be aware, but these electronic gadgets use a small amount of electricity when left on. Don’t keep lights on unnecessary if it’s not required. If you make these small changes in your daily habit, you can save on electricity bills.

  • Save on Takeaways.

Ordering lunch or take away coffees hits your pocket as an added expense. You might not realize it as the value looks small. But if you sum it up monthly, it’s big money that you can save. Instead of ordering food from outside, start cooking yourself. You can even prepare and carry coffee in a steel mug to save on the overpriced takeaway coffees.

Although it seems that controlling expenses is not possible but with just a few small changes like mentioned above, you can save a lot of money.

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