Order The Everything Couponing Book by Koupon Karen

The book is NOW shipping and in bookstores!

If you are new to couponing then this book is for you.    It will teach you how to find coupons, organize them, use them and shop for your family every week and save money!  What to leave the store with money in your pocket?  Then it’s time to start couponing.

I wrote this book because I know not everyone is online and I want to help everyone I can learn to save money using coupons and/or shopping sales.  This book even includes budget friendly recipes to help you use the items you buy.

The couponing world is expanding, with endless options like rewards cards, online coupons, loyalty programs, and group deals. But what should you choose to make the most impact on your budget? That’s where The Everything® Couponing Book comes in!

This book is now in stores and retails for $15.95.

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