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How many times have you wished you had just a little bit more money each week to pay off your credit card or perhaps just pay cash so you don’t have to charge things? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to splurge and buy something you didn’t need, but wanted instead? When you have a limited income, it’s very hard to do that. However, at some point or another everyone should treat themselves to make all their hard work worth it. But if your credit card bill is through the roof, you just end of feeling guilty about spending money on something you want, but don’t necessarily need.

How about a night out with your spouse or significant other that doesn’t consist of only going somewhere for free? That’s another thing you deserve after a long week or month of work.  But what about a VACATION??  We all need those!

Using coupons may just be the key to accomplishing all those things including saving for a vacation.

Coupons work like cash even though they aren’t actual cash. You can’t pay your credit card with them, or buy a plane ticket BUT you can use the cash you save from using coupons to pay the creditors or pay for a vacation!   Just think, coupons could help get you out of debt, coupons could help pay off your car, coupons could help get your family to Disney World.

And it doesn’t take much.   Check out these numbers….

If you save $40 each week (combining sales and coupons) in one year you’ll have $2080
If you save $50 each week in one year you’ll have $2600
If you save $60 each week – in one year you’ll have $3120

Those numbers look pretty nice, don’t they?