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If you've ever planned roadtrips you know that there is a lot to figure out ahead of time.  What time to leave (to miss the traffic), where to stop for bathroom and food breaks, where to stay, and what attractions you can see along the way.   It can be a big headache especially for someone who barely has time to take a trip, then to plan one.

That is where Roadtrip-A-Matic comes in.  It does all the work for you!  It's pretty cool because it'll tell you where you'll stop each day on your road trip and even suggest a place to eat and stay.  And it'll also map everything out for you for those of you that want to see where you are going before you jump in the car and turn on the GPS.  My husband and I just had this conversation this weekend – while he likes the GPS, he likes to look at a map and have an idea of where he is going first – I like to just turn on the GPS and have confidence in it!

I checked out the pa-roadtrips on Roadtrip-A-Matic and I'd love to plan a time where my husband and I could go on the Tastebuds on Tour road trip.  We love visiting wineries and this trip has it all planned out so we could visit 6 wineries in one day along with were we could eat and stay.  I love how they have it figured out and I don't have to look to see where the wineries are and when we can go!  Definitley makes planning so much easier.

Check it out and let me know what roadtrip you'd like to go on!

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