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The holidays are slowly approaching us and that means many of you will be dishing out money for presents.  When it became all about the presents I have no idea but with the way the economy is finding that money isn’t going to be easy. has a few tips to help us find more money for the holidays… or really for anything.  Here is another tip…

Tip #4 Ease Up on Eating Out = $520 savings over the next few months

Eating at home is not only healthier, but it is also much cheaper. When you eat out, you are paying a mark-up for not only your meal and drinks, but also for the service that comes with it. Try staying in two nights a week and save about $30 a person. If you continue this until the holidays, you’ll have saved $520 – enough to treat the whole family to a nice Christmas dinner.

If cutting out dinner is too hard, try packing your lunch rather than going out and dropping $6 during work. This will also save you about $30 a week and by combining the two, you’ll double your savings and have some delicious leftovers to bring for lunch the next day.

The girls and I probably eat out for lunch on average once a week and spend about $20.00.  Nothing fancy!  So over the month I spend at least $80 and about $960 a year eating out for lunch.  That’s CRAZY!!!  So if I cut it out for the rest of the year then I’d save about $320.

Tip # 1 would save me $250, Tip #2 would save me $24, Tip #3 would save me $45.00 and Tip #4 would save me $320 for a total of  $639.  Wow it really does add up!

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