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If you wear glasses, then you know how expensive they can be.  Between the exam, lenses and frames, you can easily spend a few hundred dollars or more every couple of years.  And if more than one person in your house wears glasses, then that’s even worse.

On that note, my husband and I both wear glasses and we usually get and exam every two years, as recommended, and almost always need new lenses.  For me that means new frames, not always for him.  So when I find sites that offer frames at great prices, I’m all over that!

That’s where Zenni Opticals comes in.  They have their own brand of eyeglasses and since there aren’t any BIG names, they can keep them extremely affordable.  If you don’t care about he brand name, which I don’t, then you should check these out!

With the money we would save on both pairs of glasses by shopping at Zenni Opticals, we could easily make an extra car payment and reduce our interest payment!  Paying off my car is next on my list.  With the economy is, this is one area that you could easily trim your budget.  After all, if you can’t see, you have to purchase glasses, right?

I love red, if you couldn’t tell already and when I was younger I had a pair of red glasses and loved them!  I would love another pair, not as my main pair of glasses but when you can get  cheap eyeglasses then perhaps an extra pair is doable!  Like these red glasses, aren’t they adorable!

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