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This post brought to you by Kraft Basket of Holiday Savings. All opinions are 100% mine.

It's the first week of November which means the holidays are coming and they are coming fast.  I know that I'm so busy with everything else that they just creep up on me! So it's not to early to start preparing.

Preparing for the holidays means you have to find more money in your budget.  While it's great to have everyone over for dinner, it still costs money to do so. 

Kraft recognizes this and is there to help this holiday season.  I'm sure you've seen on many blogs all sorts of Kraft coupons but probably didn't think about how they can help with your holiday dinners, did you?  Of course the best time to purchase something is when it's on sale but in case these items aren't on sale when you doing your holiday shopping, you can at least use a coupon.

As you plan your menu, check the Kraft Basket of Holiday Savings to see what items they are offering coupons for and see how you can use those items in your meal.  It may even mean finding and trying some new recipes, which might not be a bad idea!  Change is good and new traditions are always welcomed in my house.

You could easily knock about $10 – $15 off your budget using some of these coupons, especially if your store doubles coupons, of course depending on how many people you are cooking for.  You could also just pick a few dishes to make and ask everyone to bring a dish, then you aren't paying for the entire meal.   But be sure to tell them about the coupons too so you can save them money as well.

Happy planning and shopping!

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