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Shopping Online is the way to go, especially around the holidays.  Who wants to stand in line for every purchase they make?  I sure don’t!  It’s just so much easier to shop online and you can do it whenever you have free time. Most stores offer great discounts when you even online, but did you know you can even earn money on top of that?  You sure can if you shop through a cash back site!!

Basically how it works is, you sign up with the cash back site (see below) and when your shopping online you can earn cash back if you shop through their site.  The cash back is usually a percentage of  your purchase but sometimes it may be a flat dollar amount.  It’s so simple to do.

I suggest you sign up with more than one cash back site and then compare which one has the best deal. Sometimes they will be different.  Some of them even start you off with money in your account!

My favorite cash back sites…

So make a note, put it on your monitor if you have to, but always shop through one of these sites when shopping on line.  It’s free money so really you’d be silly not to!