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Clothing, food and shelter are regarded as basic commodities and we all know what a huge chunk of our budget is dedicated to them. Does it have to be so much, though? Today let’s make clothing our point of interest and talk about saving money while shopping. The fact is that many people are misled by passionate marketing, fashion designers, celebrity preferences, numerous shops, compelling salespeople and our own perceptions so in the end, a lot of money is practically wasted on things you will maybe wear once.

Every season I have to buy new clothes for my daughters because they are still growing.  When they were babies, I could easily purchase the next size up at the end of the season when everything was on sale.  But they don’t grow as predictable as they used to, so that’s not always an option.

And of course, I like to add a few new things to my closet each season.   So I’m always up for tips for saving money!

Saving Money When Shopping for Clothes

If you’re as concerned about it as we are, let’s explore these money saving tips!

Saving Money When Shopping for Clothes

Resist Impulse Buying

Most of us have fallen prey to unplanned clothing purchases one time or another. When we pass by nice clothes or new designs, the urge is normally strong to take them home with us. However, what might have escaped our attention is that we certainly don’t need every piece of clothing out there in the store. The experience becomes even worse when we find out at home that the new purchase doesn’t fit too well because you went impulse buying. In order to save your hard-earned cash, take this temptation head on. A simple way to start is avoiding visiting cloth stores often. Secondly, prepare a budget before you buy anything and ensure you strictly adhere to it.

Take Good Care of What You Have

Truth be said, there are some quality clothes in our wardrobes for sure. But what makes them look worn out and makes us think they are not up to our standard? Perhaps, it is because we get a bit clumsy with them. A great way of cutting down on your cloth expenditure is taking good care of what you already have. Ensure they are ironed and stored securely. After cleaning, have them folded properly to avoid wrinkles and disfiguration. Additionally, secure storage keeps them away from stains, mice and moths.


Some people certainly find it difficult to bargain over prices with the persuasive salespeople and go home frustrated. However, the truth is in many stores the clothes don’t have fixed prices. Come on! Summon your courage, offer a lower price and see whether you will be able to save a little. If that’s not possible, after, all, be a loyal customer and you may qualify for some special discounts. Otherwise, try looking at such websites as which offer  multiple coupons for stores including Kohl’s, Target and many other.

Check Out for Offers

Even though sellers can’t sell anything at a loss, market dynamics may push them to eat into their profits, offering you them at lower prices. Many stores have certain clothes on offer in certain periods. For instance, summer wear might be cheaper during the fall. Since the offers vary from store to store, move across and search for what you want. Alternatively, check out magazines and newsletters that offer more insights.

Go Online

As the Internet development goes further, a number of retailers have migrated online. Actually, it has even been said that online is the future of sales, as it means that retailers bypass the cost of renting stores and their market becomes so much wider. These benefits are normally passed on to customers in terms of lower prices. So, next time you plan to purchase your clothes, give online platforms a second thought. You might get great benefits!

Do you have any more ideas on saving money on clothes?