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I will do anything to avoid paying full price.  It doesn’t matter what I am buying, I rarely buy it the first place I find it and without some kind of research.  It’s like second nature for me now.  I will wait for a sale, look for coupons and even check around at various stores to see where I can save even more.  Sometimes all that work pays off and I’m extremely proud when I score a GREAT deal.  And I usually tell everyone I know about it! (I’m sure my friends and family are tired of hearing about my scores!)

My husband and I were just discussing the other day that I need to consider making an eye doctor’s appointment to have my eyes rechecked.  I think I may need my prescription tweaked just a tad.   Unfortunately, glasses and lenses aren’t cheap.  So I try to purchase them only when needed.   My husband also wears glasses and his eyesite is SO bad that there is no way around getting a cheap pair of glasses for him.  Well that is until now.  I recently discovered Zenni Optical and I can tell you that the next pair of glasses we purchase for either of us is going to be from them.  I could not believe the amazing prices.

As I’ve gotten older, it’s harder and harder to be outside in the sun without sunglasses.  Last year I decided to get prescription glasses for the first time and they cost almost as much as my regular glasses, of course.   Well the next time I get  new glasses (which unfortunately will be very soon) I will get the transition glasses so they will be sunglasses and glasses all in one.  That’s another way I know I will save money on my next purchase.  And of course then I don’t have to worry about forgetting or loosing my sunglasses.

Have you checked out the prices at Zenni Optical? If you haven’t I highly suggest you do.  I bet you can save a LOT!  I know I will on my next eye glass purchase.

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