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Fresh breath is something everyone wants, right?  I know I do!  Scope is ready to help everyone with their fresh breath needs because it comes in three varieties that not only kill bad breath germs, but also keep your mouth fresh. One of them even works on Garlic breath! 

They have Outlast, Dual-Blast and Classic:

  • Outlast – Outlast’s cool refreshing sensation gives you a fresh feeling that lasts up to five times longer vs. brushing alone.
  • Dual-Blast – Dual-Blast blasts away strong food odors like garlic and onion, and kills 98% of bad breath germs in lab tests
  • Classic –  SCOPE Classic leaves your breath feeling clean, and you feeling confident enough to get close, while killing 99% of bad breath germs in lab tests

I received a bottle of Scope Outlast to sample.  It came at the perfect time because my husband had just asked me to pick up some mouthwash!  He's been using it the past couple of days and really likes it.  He says he does feel like his breath stays fresher longer.  Unlike him,  I have coffee right after I brush my teeth so I have a hard time feeling the 'freshness' after that but maybe I should try using some again after my coffee!  That might help.  But it does make my mouth feel very clean after I use it.  And I love the taste of Scope, always have since the first time I tried it years ago!

Scope gives you Fresh breath & courage, 1 oz at a time!  Check out this cute video where this guy gets so much courage from using Scope that he tries to get Facebook friends in person!  It's funny –

If you haven't tried Scope, give it a shot. You can even pick it up next time your in Walmart!

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