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Product Name:  Scrubbing Bubbles One-Step Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Product Information: “Do you hate cleaning the toilet? It can be the most disgusting task in the house. Might not be the most difficult task, but it is never ending. Wouldn’t it be nice to remove yourself from toilet-cleaning duty? Introducing Scrubbing Bubbles® One Step toilet bowl cleaner—the toilet system that works hard to keep your toilet clean and smelling fresh so you don’t have to! Start with a clean bowl and it will easily keep it clean with just a couple of sprays a day. The powerful cleaner tackles tough stains like toilet rings, hard water marks and lime scale – and helps keep them away. Simply clip the nozzle over the rim inside the bowl—it securely fits all types of toilet bowls. Then effortlessly spray the bowl with the tap of the foot pedal and walk away! The 360 degree spray will cover the complete bowl, even under the rim.”

My Thoughts: I hate to clean and with three toilets in the house, there is one to clean pretty much everyday!  So I was very excited to try the Scrubbing Bubbles One-Step Toilet Bowl cleaner because if it could save me the pain of cleaning the toilets, then I’d be ever so grateful.

My one concern was that the kids would step on foot pedal each time they were in the bathroom.  So I attached it, which was very easy to do and put it on the side of the toilet that was near the wall and sort of pushed it into the corner as much as I could, but where I could still reach it.  I then called a family meeting, my husband included, in the bathroom.  The girls were pretty amused by this!  I showed them the new toilet bowl cleaner and told them NOT TO Touch it and if I found out they did, then they’d be in trouble.  I explained to them what it was going to do, answered their questions and showed them how it worked and they went on their merry little way.

After that was taken care of I used it for a two weeks as directed – twice a day!  Needless to say, I haven’t had to wash the inside of the toilet since the day I started using it.  I’ve always loved Scrubbing Bubbles products, and now this is my absolute favorite!

Disclosure: I received a free sample of the above item for review. My opinions are 100% mine.