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If you have been contemplating setting up a small business and after some deliberation, you have concluded that opening a small coffee shop is the way to go, then you have come to the right place. In this short blog, we offer a few tips from a successful F&B entrepreneur on how to make the business a long-term success.

Know your stuff

When it comes to coffee, you should have a solid foundation in every aspect of making coffee. Sign up for barista training in Sydney and become certified! Your coffee-making skills are the core of the operation and you should be able to prepare a diverse range of menu items. Apply yourself to learning the ropes and try to add a personal touch, something that sets you apart from other coffee venues.


Probably the most important decision is where to base your shop; the closer you are to the CBD, the higher the rent; crunch the numbers to see what kind of markup there is at a specific location. Survey the area looking for other coffee shops and places of employment. Take your time choosing a venue; consider going mobile; you have more freedom if your operation is not location-tied.


Aside from beverages, you need top-quality bakery items, and sandwiches made fresh every morning; some people take their lunch at their workstations and if your sandwiches hit the spot, they will sell. Get creative and order French bread and you can make delicious sandwiches late at night, ready for the next day. Take a look at other coffee shop menus to get a few ideas; if you can have a few items that cannot be found elsewhere, you should be a winner.

Creating the right ambiance 

People like peace when drinking their morning coffee; use your design skills to create a pleasant in-store setting – artificial flowers and fauna add a touch of natural beauty. Google Images can show you some cool coffee shop fit-outs on which to base your layout. Go for top-quality furniture and you won’t regret it; make it your goal to build a warm and inviting space and customers will want to stay and order other items from your diverse menu. Planting the right flora and fauna can transform a space, as this article shows.

Be different

Everything from signage to your menu can be unique, every business should have an identity and this can be achieved with some creative planning. A backlit water wall would be a unique feature you might want to look into; people are drawn to the sound of running water, which brings on a soothing ambiance.

The Australian government fully supports the entrepreneur, so do find out if there are any grants you can apply for; read up on health & safety, which is an essential aspect of any retail business. We hope that your new business enjoys sustained growth and that customers pass the word around.