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Do you want free electricity for your home?

You have probably seen this kind of headline about home solar panels. While it can be true once you have paid for your system, there are also some more detailed considerations you need to make.

This article helps you weigh up the good and bad of a home solar energy system and evaluate whether it is the right fit for your property.

The good

Doing your bit for the earth is a factor for many people in choosing to go solar. Reducing your carbon footprint by shifting to a renewable source of energy is a great way to be a good citizen! On top of this, there is no chance of the sun running out, in the same way, polluting fossil fuels are, so you are assured of a long-lasting source of energy for your property.

With home solar panels. You can also make considerable savings on your monthly energy bills. It is true that the cost of solar panels has to be factored into your decision, but we will go into more detail on that later.

Home solar panels can also be installed with a minimum of fuss. You do not need to seek planning permission to install your system. So aside from following a few simple rules, your installation is down to you.


The sun always shines on solar investments!

Contrary to popular belief, home solar panels can also produce energy all year round, not just when the sun is at its peak! There are clever ways to ensure the availability of your electricity supply throughout the year, even during periods when you do not have consistent sunlight.

You also have options about whether to connect your home solar panels to the main grid or not. If you choose not to, you can install a battery to capture the surplus energy from summer sunshine to power your home throughout the year.

If you choose to be connected to the grid, you can benefit from schemes such as net metering which allows you to contribute surplus power to the grid during peak times. In turn, net metering allows you to draw from the main grid during times when you lack sufficient sunlight to power your home. All this takes place without a single dollar changing hands, so you know are set for life with home energy.


Some considerations with home solar panels

It does not seem right to say ‘downsides’ to home solar panels, because really there are only upsides. However, there are some considerations which you need to make. Search for solar power companies near me to find skilled tradespeople that can help you find the right system for your house – and install it safely and optimally.

You should also make sure your roof is weatherproofed and ready to hold your solar panels. Good panels can last from 25-30 years, so if possible you do not want them to outlast your roof! Some maintenance before you install your system is therefore advised.