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SimplyNature from ALDI : High-Quality, Nutritious Food at Unbeatable Prices

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I’ve been a fan of ALDI for a while now and since this summer I’ve been shopping there more often.  I love their prices and even with sales and coupons at other stores, sometimes ALDI prices are even better than those!  We’ve come to love some of the ALDI brands as well.  Plus from time to time I can also pick up our national brand item favorites at a low price there too.  That’s always nice because some brands my family prefers over others.

If you are a regular ALDI shopper, you may have noticed more organic fruits and vegetables in their stores.  If organic is what you like, you can now look beyond the produce to the shelves for more of a selection.  ALDI has a new brand they recently introduced called SimplyNature.  It’s an exclusive private label line that features simple foods made with only all-natural or organic ingredients. SimplyNature from ALDI products range from cereal, honey, fruit bars, and apple juice, to pasta sauce, pizza, salsa and various snacks.

Plus they have the great prices we’ve come to love at ALDI.  I received a variety of products to try at home and I’m amazed at much I could save switching to some of these.

SimplyNature products include:

  • SimplyNature Organic Honey (12 oz.) – $2.99
  • SimplyNature Organic Fruit Bars (10 oz.) – $2.69
  • SimplyNature Exotic Vegetable Chips (7.5 oz.) – $2.99
  • SimplyNature Organic Spaghetti or Linguine (16 oz.) – $1.19
  • SimplyNature Organic Aged Balsamic or Peppercorn Ranch (8 oz.) – $1.99
  • SimplyNature Twisted Fruit Ropes (5 oz.) – $2.49

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We received the items above.  I haven’t used the honey yet but will be using it in some holiday cooking.  I love having honey in the cabinet for when we need it.  If this cold weather keeps up here we’ll be adding it to tea to sooth our throats.     The Aged Balsamic Vinaigrette is delicious and I’ve been enjoying it in my salad.  I even used some to marinate my chicken in and it gave the chicken a really nice boast of flavor!

My kids LOVED the Twisted Fruit Ropes and they had amazing Strawberry and Banana Flavor.  I loved the fact that they enjoyed them so much because I knew they were a healthier option for them than fruit snacks.   This will be a regular on my shopping list now.

And the Apple Banana squeezable fruit blends was also a hit when I tossed it into their lunch boxes.  They can only have snacks in the classroom that are healthy and with little clean up so these are perfect especially if they don’t finish it because it has a screw top cap.  I like to put them in the freezer the night before then toss them in their lunch box.  It keeps everything cool and thaws out at the same time.  Plus they like these cold as they seem like more of a ‘treat’ that way.  That’s what they tell me!

Look for the SimplyNature line at your store and your sure to find more items than what is pictured above.  You’ll get all natural and organic ingredients at a low everyday price.  See you can eat healthy and save money too!

Disclosure: I received a Free product for review. My opinions are 100% mine.