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Product Name: GrimeGuard Glass Cleaner Foaming Spray

Product Information: Effective, dual-action foam combines powerful cleaning action of ammonia, plus GrimeGuard! GrimeGuard provides an invisible shield to guard against accumulated dirt and repel water spot build-up. This protective shield keeps surfaces cleaner longer and makes on-going cleaning, quick, and easy. Plus, the foaming spray is non-streaking and quick drying! Just spray surface lightly and wipe to a streak-free shine. 17 oz.

Use it to clean: Windows, mirrors, chrome, ceramic tile, porcelain, car windows, and TV screens.

Product Price: $5.99

Purchase Information: You can purchase it online at

My Thoughts: Our mirrors and windows have fingerprints on them as soon as I clean them some days. But that’s what happens in a house with children and I’m OK with that. So when I find a good glass cleaner, I like to stick to it! The GrimeGuard glass cleaner arrived the day before it was cleaning day so it was good timing.

The mirror in my daughter’s room is usually the one that gets cleaned the most as I think she believes she must touch the mirror each time she looks into it! Lol So I used the GrimeGuard glass cleaner and was very happy with the way it worked. The foam sprayed on nicely so I could see exactly where it was. It wiped nicely and streak free.

Because of the protective shield, I found that her mirror didn’t get dirty as fast which I liked.  Cleaning something less than usual, is a nice time saver for me.

Disclosure: I received a FREE product for review. My opinions are 100% mine.