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It’s the New Year and everyone says they want to eat better and this is the year to a healthier you.  I am no exception to that.  I actually started my journey to better health this past fall.  I’ve made some moderations to what I eat.  I no longer consume white sugar, only natural sugars.  I also eat low carb, high protein, and low fat.  It’s not easy but I am getting used to it.

The problem is, I have a sweet tooth!  Sugar is my weakness.  I had to learn how to curve my sweet tooth with something other than sugar but it’s important to me that it be something natural.  I started altering my recipes using Truvia instead of sugar. Truvia is America’s favorite natural, calorie-free stevia sweetener.  Unlike other stevia products on the market, Truvia is great-tasting every time.  Honestly, I can’t even tell the difference when I use Truvia.

The benefits of using Truvia:

  • Naturally sweet from the stevia leaf.
  • Keto-friendly
  • No sugar. No calories. No doubts.

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Truvia comes in spoonable form and packets for everyday use.  I keep spoonable at home and use the packets on the go.  I also bake with Truvia baking blends as well, white and brown sugar.  No one even knows when I substitute in my baking, it’s that good!  As you can see I am a big fan of Truvia and I encourage you to give it a try, for a healthier version of sweetness.

Today I want to share something I make all the time for me and my girls.  We love smoothies and we turn to them a lot for our sweet fixes.  Our favorite way to make a smoothie is with Greek yogurt that is high in protein, fresh or frozen fruit and we always add Truvia for a little more sweetness, especially when using tart fruits.

Strawberry Banana Smoothie with Truvia


A container of Strawberry Greek Yogurt
Half of large Banana or 1 Small Banana
About 4 ounces of Ice
Truvia – 1 to 2 packets depending on how sweet you want it

Blend it until smooth and it’s ready to drink.  I didn’t add any water because it was thin enough to drink.  Depending on the yogurt and how much ice you use, you may need to add a little bit of water to thin it out.

We swap out the fruit and yogurt flavor according to what we have on hand, but this is our favorite combination.  What I love about this smoothie is by using the greek yogurt, it’s full of protein, and by using Truvia, it’s guilt-free sweetness!

You can find more recipes and information on the Truvia website.

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