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Stream Noggin for $.99 a month for 2 Months – Summer Deal

This summer Noggin is running a special.  You can get Noggin for $.99 a month for 2 months!  Perfect for summer vacation and rainy days. Then just $7.99/mo* Valid thru 7/31

When my kids were little, Noggin was part of our cable channel and we watched it all the time.  My oldest girl’s favorite show was Jack’s Big Music Show.  I don’t think it’s on anymore but it was GREAT!  But now you can stream Noggin anywhere, which is great!

Noggin is learning for the kids through watching, playing, and reading!  When you subscribe to Noggin you’ll get access to a library of educational games, eBooks, & activities.  You’ll have 1000+ ad-free Nick Jr. episodes & original learning videos you can’t find anywhere else.

How Kids Learn with Noggin With Noggin

Kids embark on the ultimate learning adventure! Our four learning programs are built to enrich your whole child: their cognitive, physical, social, and emotional growth. Each program builds skills and knowledge in a specific area of your child’s development with a carefully developed path – delivered through exciting, fun content that sparks their lifelong love for learning.

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