Requesting Coupons

Contact Companies for Coupons: Campbell’s, Johnsonville & Sara Lee

Last week I began writing companies to request coupons.  I received an email back from one company saying they were going to send me coupons.  As soon as I receive them I'll let you know what I got.  Did you contact anyone last week?  If so what did you get? If you want to follow along then be sure to read up on all the companies I've contacted so far and my results.  You can jump in any time! This week I'm writing to the following companies: Campbell's Soups Johnsonville Sara Lee

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Contact Companies to get FREE Coupons or High Value Coupons

I've shared with you in the past  my favorite way to get FREE item coupons and that is by getting them directly from the manufacturers. Just about every company has a website (and a lot of them have printable coupons right on their site). I email the company (or fill out their contact page) and request to be put on a mailing list for coupons or money saving offers. Most of them are very happy to do so and will even write back. When you receive coupons directly from the companies they are usually high value coupons and the expiration date is almost always  much longer than those in the inserts.  And then there are those companies that will send you a coupon for a free item. I love those!! I...

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