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There is something about sitting down after a hard day and watching a reality show that just instantly puts you in a better frame of mind. While most of us know that reality shows are far from real, there are still a few shows out there that do less editing and let the show tell its tale. Check out some of the best reality shows on television today.

The Best Reality Shows on Television Today


When Survivor first aired, it became an instant water cooler show. It was the type of show that you watched the night before and rushed into work the next day to talk about with your coworkers. Few people thought the show would last more than a decade though. While most people couldn’t last as long as some of the competitors do, that doesn’t stop them from shouting at the television and rooting for their favorites season after season.

Top Chef

Top Chef is a show that appeals to those who love cooking. Even if you don’t have the funds to make some of the dishes highlighted on the show, you might feel inspired to run into the kitchen after the newest episode ends. Each season sees a handful of chefs moving into a shared house and competing in different events to win the coveted title of top chef. Fans of The Great British Bake Off, like Harriet Stephens, might enjoy the Top Chef Just Desserts, a spin off that lets pastry chefs showcase their skills.


Chopped became such a hit in the United States that it spawned similar programs in multiple countries. Four chefs head into the kitchen each episode and receive a basket of secret ingredients. They then create a dish that showcases those ingredients, and they must make an appetizer, entree and a dessert. Chopped occasionally runs special competitions too that let chefs try their hand at making barbecue dishes and other types of dishes, and some events brought in teenagers, professional chefs and even grandmothers. Many fans love watching the host of the show, Ted Allen, too.

Dancing with the Stars

Based on the hit British show Strictly Come Dancing, Dancing with the Stars is a hit American show that pairs celebrities with professional dancers. The couples have one week or less to come up with a dance based on the type of dance given to them and a song they either choose or the show’s producers choose for them. Fans call, text and email to vote for their favorites, and the show eliminates at least one celebrity each week. Dancing with the Stars typically airs two different seasons each year. Former winners included Rumer Willis, Jennifer Grey and Donny Osmond.

The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race is one of the only reality shows on television today that won multiple Emmy awards. It pits couples on a race around the world. They compete in challenges, meet the locals, learn more about different cultures and even try local foods. Reality show veterans like Boston Rob from Survivor once competed on the show, and celebrities like Jonathon Knight from New Kids on the Block also appeared on the show in the past. Unlike other shows that let viewers vote for their favorites, The Amazing Race eliminates the contestants who come in last place.

The Biggest Loser

The Biggest Loser takes overweight contestants, puts them into teams and assigns them a professional trainer. Each team works out and diets to lose weight, and the team with the lowest percentage of body weight lost each week is responsible for kicking off one person or one couple from their group. Former competitors on the show lost more than 100 pounds and now feel happier and healthier about themselves.

The next time you find yourself idly flipping through the channels and trying to relax, turn your TV to one of the best reality shows currently on the air.