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Product Name: The Gripstic

Product Information: 
Following the path of the vintage VCR, cassette players and wall telephone, the bulky “chip clip” is now yesterday’s news.  Presenting a slimmer and sleeker way to keep food fresh, the Gripstic locks out air and moisture so food will stay fresh longer and ultimately reduce waste.

The patented one-piece Gripstic slides onto almost any bag and has unlimited uses around the home, kitchen and office.  It seals anything from chips, snacks and coffee to cereal, frozen food and salad as well as bags used in the garden or garage.

Simply fold and crease the open end of your bag, place the yellow guide of the Gripstic under the fold.  Slide the Gripstic across the top surface and as the bag feeds between the yellow guide and outer sleeve the Gripstic provides a tight seal.  The bag is ready to be stored away and will keep food fresh for a longer period of time.  Not only is the Gripstic a convenient solution to preserving food and saving money, it saves space in the kitchen when not being used, unlike those bulky chip clips.

Purchase Information: The Gripstic is available at major chain retailers such as Bed Bath & Beyond and grocery stores nationwide.

Product Price: $3.99

My Thoughts: I love chip clips, we use them all the time.  However I was excited to try the Gripstic from the moment I saw it.  The first time I used it I was very confused as to how it went on the bag, but then I figured it out and felt like an idiot because it was so easy to use.  It literally slides onto the bag, it’s so easy my 6 year old can use it!

I love how narrow it is because it doesn’t take up any room in the draw when we aren’t using them.  I also thing that for the price, it’s a good deal considering there are 3 in a package.  I haven’t used them in the freezer yet so I’m not sure how well it seals frozen food, but it works on chips really well.  They stay crisp and fresh until the bag is empty.  However, that doesn’t take very long in my house.

Have you tried the Gripstic? If so did you like it??

Disclosure: I received the above Free Product for review. My opinions are 100% mine.