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If you’re like me, you love having shower doors, but you don’t love that hard track that always seems to be in the way. The Sterling Prevail shower door keeps the convenience of shower doors without the hard track that can dig into your skin if your bathing the kids or the dog or even washing out the laundry bin.

Sterling Prevail Shower Door – Sensitively Tough

The Sterling Prevail shower door is a wonderful take on the classic sliding door design. We all know the standard shower door track. It’s a rigid metal rail that the shower door slides back and forth on. Almost all of us also know how much it hurts to accidentally step on it, or, if you have a tub, how it digs in when we have to lean into the tub. The Sterling Prevail shower door makes that a thing of the past! Sterling Prevail’s ComforTrak technology features a flexible bottom track that supports the shower door’s glide. Its cushioned threshold bends to pressure, so you can kneel, sit, or lean on the track without getting a bruise! Even though it’s soft, it’s also super tough, so you don’t have to worry about damaging it. Yay!

Shower Door

Bath Time Tips Made Easier by Prevail

Whether you’re bathing your kids or the dog, the process is surprisingly similar. The process is also much easier with prevails ComforTrak technology. In honor of this wonderful way to have convenience and comfort, I’ve put together a unique selection of tips focusing on the technology of Sterling Prevail shower door.

  • Don’t watch your step when you step out of the shower. You won’t get a horrible bruise on your foot.
  • Don’t lean gingerly over your tub door track. The track won’t dig into your stomach.
  • Don’t bring a cushion if you need to sit on the tub edge. It won’t give you a tender tush.Shower Door
  • Don’t avoid kneeling on the track of your Prevail shower door. It won’t crack your knee cap.

See? Isn’t this fun? No more shower door track injuries! I love that, and so do my poor feet! I also love that the Sterling shower doors with ComforTrack technology is soft, durable, and it lets us do whatever we need without getting bruises and sore spots – whether it’s bathing the kids, the dogs, or taking a nice long bath. It’s available for bath and shower doors, so everyone can get in on this action.

So what is your bath time routine like? Do you have any other tips to add to my list? Can you think of any other things you won’t have to worry about with ComforTrak technology and a Sterling Prevail shower door? I’d love to hear about it.

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