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Everyone seems stressed by money these days. No matter how hard you work, it seems, it’s very difficult to make enough money to get ahead. In fact, recent studies have shown that if a person or family has an unexpected $400 expense, most people will have to sell something or borrow the money from friends or family to pay that bill.

So how do smart consumers make sure that their money goes a long way? They follow the tips below:

Savvy Shopping is as Easy as 1-2-3

When you are looking to make a special purchase, it often pays to browse in the real world and shop online for the best deal. Let’s take a purchase of expensive running shoes as an example.

  1. Shop at a local shoe discount warehouse and find the running shoe that’s just right for you. You’ll be able to make sure that the fit, style, and color are just what you want. Once you have found the right item, jot down the brand, size, product number and other information shown on the box.
  2. Go online and search Google for that exact brand, style and product number. The search results will show the exact prices offered by online merchants who sell the running shoe you are looking for. Pick two online merchants who have your size in stock and offer the best prices.
  3. Search for online coupons and special offers from the two best merchants. There are numerous sites that list coupons from all the major online sellers and you’ll be able to save on the purchase price, get free shipping and more. Your final price including shipping will be even less than the best local discount store!

Getting your Money Back if You Are Not Satisfied

In some cases, the products or services you purchase fail or do not meet the quality standards that were advertised. If this occurs and the merchant or manufacturer refuses to respond to or fix the issue it would be wise to seek the services of  Consumer Solicitors.

Protect Your Purchase with Free Extended Warranties

If you are purchasing a big ticket item like an appliance, laptop or TV you can often get free extended warranties from some of the wholesale membership warehouse stores. One of these merchants offers a two year warranty on appliances and PCs and a five year warranty on TVs! If you were offered an extended warranty and for some reason the merchant fails to honor it you can go online and find a solicitor who can assure your consumer rights are protected.

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