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As you look for simple ways to scale back your families monthly expenses, without sacrificing, think about adjusting how you use your cell phone. Cell phones are such a big part of our lives and whether due to safety, convenience, efficiency or a combination of all three, most families probably can’t cut them completely out of their lives. Try these cell phone savings tips to cut your monthly costs without sacrificing your family’s cell phones:

  • Select a price plan that fits your lifestyle. A wireless plan should fit like a glove. Tell your wireless salesperson how, when and where you plan to use your new device, and compare that to your usage history. Customer care representatives (in-store or online) can evaluate your history and recommend the right plan to save you money.
  • Take control of your cell phone bill: Most wireless carriers offer online account management tools that can help you stick to a budget, such as automated billing. Verizon Wireless takes this idea a step further, providing customers with online tools at that allow them to analyze their cell phone usage and ensure they are on the most economical plan for their particular needs. The website also allows you to find budget-friendly discounts and rebates – even offering up to $250 a year for referring friends to Verizon Wireless. Customers can also check minutes, bill balances and even text, picture or video messaging usage by dialing #MIN, #BAL and #DATA.
  • Take advantage of free offers: Verizon Wireless recently rolled out a free application called “The Daily Scoop” that downloads coupons free of charge and gives you the ability to receive discounts and offers on your mobile phone.
  • Stretch your minutes: Choose the same wireless carrier as those you call the most, or choose a carrier that offers you unlimited calling to those numbers, even landlines, like Verizon Wireless’ Friends & Family feature. Plus, Verizon Wireless has America’s largest mobile to mobile calling family so you can call more people without using a single minute.

Tips provided by Verizon Wireless.