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6 Alternative Transportation Options in West Hollywood

One of the joys of traveling is experiencing the pace of life from different cities and locations. One particular area that offers visitors the chance to experience people watching, shopping, a bustling nightlife scene, and enough landmarks to fill a vacation is West Hollywood. West Hollywood hotels offer a number of different price ranges and amenities to fulfill the needs of every type of traveler. From the economy class of Best Western to the personality filled Le Montrose Suite Hotel, visitors can quickly and easily find their desired accommodations that meet their unique spending requirements. Better yet, once a hotel is selected getting around the area to enjoy the trip is a straightforward process with plenty of transportation options.


The good bicycle is alive and well in West Hollywood. Visitors can take part in one the biking tours, rent a bike, or even bring their own. Since the area is packed into a less than two mile stretch of land, getting around on two wheels can be a lot of fun without the hassle or expense of a taxi. Plus, getting a chance to stop and savor the landmarks and attractions is simple when peddling around the town.


With technology being such a prevalent part of the existence of many people, ridesharing service, like Uber, are fairly common in West Hollywood. Instead of renting a car or hailing a cab, summoning a driver to provide personalized service from one location to the next is at the push of a few buttons on a smartphone. The popularity of ridesharing ensures customers and drivers plenty of options to get around.


Regularly rated one of the most walkable cities in California, West Hollywood has a lot to offer visitors option to walk from location to location. The compact space of the city limits is easily explored on foot, which makes for a number of unique opportunities. In the star-studded areas, travelers never know who they might bump into.

Local Bus Routes

West Hollywood features two local bus lines, the Cityline and the PickUp Line. The Cityline is the main transportation arm of the area and operates Monday through Sunday from the morning until early evening to help travelers get around. The PickUp Line operates during the late night on the weekends to make sure nightlife enthusiasts can safely get around and get home, and it offers great music, appetizers, and perks.

Public Transportation

Because the city is tied into the Los Angeles metropolitan area, visitors can transfer to the massive system of that city as well. Therefore, getting to other popular California landmarks and even Disneyland is a possibility.


One of the popular methods of transportation that most travelers are familiar with is the taxi. Taking a cab throughout the city is cost-effective thanks to the tight confines of the city limits, which means a cheap ride is only a phone call away.

In the end, West Hollywood provides a number of transportation options for any visitor. Getting around the city is a relatively simple process, which makes it very friendly for visitors and vacationers. While staying in a central location provides equal access to everything the town has to offer, any visitor at the outskirts of town will quickly find they are never too far from the action.