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At the beginning of the year at least one of our computers seems to always need an update on Virus protection.   It's important that we always update it because my husband and I are online a lot and the last thing we need is to get a virus that wipes out our computers.  That's even worse then when we get a virus in our systems that goes through the house and wipes us all up.  That sort of clean up, while it isn't fun, is easier to do!  LOL

Since we have a few computers I always look for a god deal on virus protection whenever it comes up for renew so I was happy to receive a FREE copy of VIPRE Internet Security when my husband needed some new protection for his desktop.

It was super easy to install and pretty much did all the work for him.   He did have to uninstall Norton, which he previously had on his computer, but it was easy enough to do.  He had it run a full scan once he installed it to make sure there wasn't anything hiding in his computer that his other software missed, but thankfully it was all clean.

If you aren't familiar with  VIPRE Internet Security it's the award-winning antivirus software that includes a firewall, a spam filter and bad website blocking into one powerful solution for complete protection against malware.   He visit's a lot of message boards for the strategy games he plays so having the bad website blocker is really helpful for him.

VIPRE Internet Security is also packed with sophisticated security features that protect against viruses and other malware threats without slowing down your PC. You won't notice it's running (even during scans and updates).   This was HUGE for him because when he's playng his games, if his computer starts to run a scan it always slows down, or really inturupts his game.   When that happens he usualy stops it and then forgets to go back to it.  That wasn't the case with VIPRE so he was happy to know his scans are running.

VIPRE also comes with free U.S. based technical support!  That right there sold me.  I hate when I have to call for technical support or any kind of customer service and I can't understand a word they are saying.  Drives me crazy.  So thanks for that VIPRE but I also hope I don't ever need to call for help!

If you are looking to update your Internet Security check out VIPRE.  It may be a little different than what you are used to but sometimes change is good!  More information can be found on

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