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Product Name: Voskos and YoGreek yogurt

Product Information:The process of making YoGreek Yogurt begins and ends with quality. Whether plain or blended with fresh exotic fruit, every recipe we make is tested to meet our stringent specifications and flavor profile. Only after extensive tastings do we begin the craft of making Greek yogurt, an art we have meticulously mastered. We start by using only premium ingredients. The freshest, all-natural, and hormone-free USDA Organic Certified milk is delivered daily by local farms, which is then pasteurized. Then we add billions, not just millions, of strains of friendly bacteria, also known as live and active probiotic cultures to help maintain digestive health, improve oral health,skin, brain, and boost our immune system. These cultures ferment the lactose (the natural sugar in milk), turning it into lactic acid.

My Thoughts:  My youngest daughter loves yogurt, well we all do, but she enjoys it with granola, crushed cookies and even crushed crackers mixed into the yogurt.  However, she has to do it herself.  Part of her learning to be independent.  So when our yogurt samples arrived, she grabbed the ones with the granola and picked out which one she’d have first.

Now I didn’t take the time to bother explaining to her that this yogurt was different than the one she normally eats because I figured I’d see if she even noticed.  She is the picky eater so I knew the only chance I had of her liking Greek Yogurt, was if she tried it without knowing it was ‘different’.  Sometimes it’s best to leave things unsaid.  The verdict?? She LOVED it and didn’t even realize it tasted different.

I like some Greek yogurts, but only if they have extra flavor added, like granola or bits of fruit.  I’ve tried the plan ones but I don’t really like them.  Greek yogurt isn’t as ‘smooth’ as regular yogurt so the extra stuff in it, makes that difference go almost unnoticed by even me.  But I know it’s a good choice so I like to eat it.   So sometimes I’ll add bits of fruit to my yogurt if there isn’t enough other flavors.

I found that I didn’t have to do that so much with the Voskos Greek Yogurt and I really enjoyed them.  But Allison loved the Strawberry and Granola the best and she loved how she could just flip the side over with the granola bits, and let them slide into the yogurt.  She’s asked for it several times since we finished our samples so I need to buy her more.

See, what she didn’t know didn’t hurt her – it probably helped her body!

Do you like Greek Yogurt?  Have you tried Yo Greek or Voskos?? I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

Disclosure: I received this product free of charge for review. My opinions are 100% mine.