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Groceries: Once again I shopped at Walmart this week.  They really have some great prices lately so I can’t resist.   Here is what I got:


A few highlights:

(2) Great Value juice, $1.97 each
(2) Great Value Bread, $.75 each
(2) Steamfresh, $.88 each
(2) Great Value Butter, $1.50 each
(2) Crescent Rolls, $1.50 each
(2) Barilla Pasta, $1.00 each
(3) Hamburger Helper, $1.50 each
(2) Great Value Spaghatti sauce, $1.56 each

Groceries Total: $83.07
Groceries Savings: $26.57
Groceries Out of Pocket: $56.50

My Weekly grocery budget is $85 so I am under budget by $28.50.  Nice way to start the month.

Drug Stores:  I didn’t go to any drug stores this week.  We are so stocked up that we don’t need anything.