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Got Questions? Here’s What to Ask to Get More Out of Your Hotel Stay


The quality of a hotel stay can make or break a vacation, and sometimes you have questions that need answers. Although it’s sometimes uncomfortable to ask for help, most hotels are equipped with an array of people there to ensure a wonderful stay. We’ve got you covered when it comes who (and what) to ask for any situation!

The Concierge

A hotel concierge is a goldmine of information about both the hotel and its surrounding area. They’re the first choice for questions about activities and not-to-miss experiences. Like an increasing number of luxury hotels, The Waldorf Astoria in New York City boasts a personal concierge for frequent or preferred guests, which promises a tailor made experience with the help of a trip planning specialist that starts before check-in (along with a general concierge available to all guests). Requests generally include:

  • Last minute and/or discount tickets to Broadway shows
  • Dining reservations and suggestions
  • Spa appointments
  • Coordinating transportation to and from the airport as well as around the city

The personal concierge also allows guests to bypass the front desk during both check in and check out, creating a smooth and streamlined experience.

Another benefit of going through a concierge? They’re known for recommending restaurants and other excursions they themselves have tried and enjoyed. The more specific the request, the more personalized and unique the recommended spot can be. A restaurant for a family of five with young children to dine in Midtown is going to be very different from a bachelorette party in Gramercy. Although not mandatory, it is customary in the US to tip a concierge—- a little appreciation will ensure above and beyond service. The harder the request, the higher the tip, but around $5 per request is traditional for most hotels

The Front Desk

The front desk is the go-to for any questions about the hotel itself. At the W San Francisco, for example, the concierge handles the activities, but the front desk helps arrange and facilitate other needs that might arise. They attend to things like:

  • Ensuring guests are happy with their room assignment
  • Following up with housekeeping if a room is skipped or not cleaned properly
  • Extending reservations and managing check in and check out times
  • Arranging bellhop services

They are an invaluable resource and there to ensure an easy and comfortable experience. Make friends with the attendant, and your stay will be a breeze.

The Hotel Manager

A successful hotel manager will be present and ready to step in when necessary to resolve conflicts and ensure guest satisfaction. The Eden Roc Miami Beach in sunny Florida prides itself on having hotel management that directly interacts with its guests, promising a delightful stay. Having an approachable management team is imperative in case things happen that the front desk can’t help with. Don’t be afraid to ask for the hotel’s manager for things like:

  • A missing or incorrect reservation
  • An incident with another guest at the hotel
  • If items go missing from the room

Hotel Corporate Office

For the benefit of their guests, most large hotel chains allow for a step above hotel management when it comes to solving issues. If a resolution cannot be found locally, guests can go up the corporate food chain to see if the parent company can further assist. Situations include:

  • Complaints against hotel management
  • After an unsatisfying stay that wasn’t improved by hotel staff
  • After a satisfying stay (companies want to know when their service was excellent and appreciated!)
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