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Air purifiers have proven to be very popular and useful as of late. With the pandemic, coupled with wildfires in some parts of the country,  people are more concerned than usual about the air quality and purity. Allergies are also on the rise, and for many allergy sufferers, air purifiers are a godsend. Black Friday is usually a great time to purchase pretty much anything but especially air purifiers.


Since the COVID-19 pandemic is still raging on, it makes sense to invest in a piece of equipment that will help catch airborne particles that carry the virus. No wonder hospitals and clinics have been buying air purifiers more than ever, to help keep staff and patients safe and healthy. If you’re tired of breathing in toxic air and need some extra motivation to buy a purifier, the following are a few compelling reasons that can make you add that purifier to your Black Friday shopping list.

Traditional Sale Months

All retailers and consumers have now taken to focusing on Black Friday as the main sales event of the year. And, of course, it is one of the best opportunities throughout the year to purchase those expensive products on your wishlist. Naturally, air purifiers and other household appliances tend to go on sale during this time.


The only other season during which air purifiers come with special offers is during the month of April, as people start getting ready for the summer. April is also when allergies are at their worst, so it makes sense that air purifiers would go on sale during that month. However, we are a long way from spring, so your next bet is to purchase an air purifier as soon as Black Friday hits your radar.

The Deals are Better

While there are other major sales happening during the year, Black Friday is undoubtedly the best time to score better deals. You can look into a few air purifiers or dehumidifier Black Friday deals to make sure, but in general, you will be getting a lot more than just free shipping. You may be able to score ‘buy one get one free’ deals, in addition to the markdown in price. Basically, if you need to invest in something for the home, most people can safely tell you that zeroing in on Black Friday is a smart move.

Pay Less to Try More

Of course, Black Friday deals imply paying less for things you genuinely need or are excited to buy. At the same time, it also means you can try out more than one brand or model of purifiers without breaking the bank. For example, you may find that one room requires a bigger, HEPA grade filter, while a smaller room can do with an automatic and smaller machine. You can buy these models and see how they work for different rooms in the house without losing more money.

Black Friday is exhausting and nerve-wracking for many. It’s usually when people forget the spirit of the holidays and promptly go nuts splurging on many things they probably don’t need. However, thanks to online shopping, it can be easier to keep things in perspective and hone in on purchases you do need, like a handy air purifier that will help make your home a much more pleasant and clean space.