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I think this is a GREAT idea when it comes to gift giving anytime of the year. Isn’t it nice when you can buy something for someone that they really want, not what you think they might want?   Here is something that can help: A new social shopping site called Wishpot.  This revolutionary, free of charge wish list service is quite genius as it lets users add, save and share lists of things they like found from not just one but from any site on the web, resulting in a centralized, one-stop-shop location for your fave finds.

Once created, users can save or share lists with family and friends, set price alerts to keep wishes within budget, or choose to consult Wishpot’s Gift Experts and even other registered users for helpful Holiday gift ideas & tips.

How exactly does Wishpot work? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Sign up
  2. Download the Wishpot button to your toolbar
  3. Go shopping!

While browsing your favorite sites, simply drag and drop items you like into the Wishpot button on your toolbar. The items will be automatically added to your list, resulting in a centralized, one-stop-shop location for all of your favorite things. Set price alerts, then send to your family and friends! Are they overseas? Shop international! Drag and drop items found on any international sites and with the click of a button, your family in London, Paris, Dubai, Tokyo or anywhere else in the world will be able to easily purchase your gift.

What are you waiting for? Start shopping, storing, sharing and saving with Wishpot!